Krav Maga Chelmsford: Your Instructor

Ricky Thomas – Chelmsford

Graduate Instructor – British Krav Maga Association

  • Graduate Instructor - British Krav Maga
  • CQB Instructor - International Kapap Federation
  • Protect certified Krav Maga Instructor under Itay Gil
  • Conflict Management & Physical Intervention Trainer
  • Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Former Royal Marines Commando

Hello my name is Ricky and I am the instructor at British Krav Maga Chelmsford & British Krav Maga East London.

I am incredibly passionate and love what I do. I know first hand the importance of self defence training and I believe it should be a key skill just as first aid. There is no excuse not to.

Our classes are ego free and a friendly environment. The main aim is to enjoy training but ultimately gain skills to prepare you for violence in a safe manner.

My Background

I am a former Royal Marine & spent 11 years serving around the globe. I have been training in combat arts since a young age eventually transitioning to Krav Maga.

In 2017 I was part of a team of British Krav Maga Military Instructors invited to the Commando Training Centre, Lympstone providing Krav Maga training to Royal Marines Instructors looking at improving the Royal Marines Close Quarter Battle capability.

I have spent several years travelling and training with some of the top instructors in the world including:

Itay Gil- Protect Israeli Security solutions & Amit Himelstein-International KAPAP Federation who I also hold instructor qualifications under.

Amit Porat-International Military Krav Maga

Idan Abolnik- Kalah System

I am a highly motivated and passionate instructor who welcomes students of all fitness levels and experience. I bring a wealth of knowledge from different backgrounds and I am always looking at evolving and providing the most realistic ‘no nonsense’ training possible.

I am available to provide training for organisations in need of a heightened skill set against violence that is outside of the realm of regular self defence & breakaway training.

My client list currently includes MAST security who provide maritime and physical security including door supervisors and close protection officers.

Go Noisy specialized tactical training based in Bulgaria. Go Noisy provide firearms training focusing on extreme close quarters and provide the hostile environment phase for the Horizon close protection course. I provide the  unarmed combatives element for this phase.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch! I look forward to meeting you!